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The Edge Of Chaos


THE EDGE OF CHAOS is Sam Uhlemann's compelling debut feature, where he explores the consequences of traumatic familia secrets that no one has mentioned in decades. The film follows the well-respected and wealthy Keenan family, whose members only hold loose connections to each other. When their alcoholic daughter Carrie attempts to blackmail the family patriarch Derek over his corrupt business dealings, she doesn't know what consequences her actions would bring. For the first time in years the family has to come together as one and it is only when they accept their own failings as a whole, that they finally find back together again.

THE EDGE OF CHAOS is an extremely powerful and realistic dissection of how unhealed wounds and unexpressed grief can shatter families, it scrutinizes what lies beneath the veneer of often polished surfaces, and the insidious nature of repressed emotion and unresolved trauma. It is not just a story about addiction, it is also a story about family, and how an addiction doesn't only  affect the individual, but the people closest to them.

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