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The Last Watch

It's the last forty-eight hours in Mountrose Garda station for three members of An Garda Siochana. The rural station is closing down due to the government’s consolidation program. With the closing of the station, the last standing Officers are preparing to be reassigned around the country. But with the false arrest of a young man, and his death while in their custody, mistakes are made that will force the three officers to break the law they swore to uphold. The story is written by Sam Uhlemann

Where the Crickets sing

Captain Marsha Rooney, a modern fighting woman serving with an Irish contingent in UN forces far away from her home country, fails to protect her own daughter from an unwise marriage. Organized crime rules her small hometown and the consequences are tragic: Her daughter is murdered. Marsha, constantly protecting distant lives has to bury the one closest to her heart. Grief feeds her desire for a cold-blooded revenge – an act that might seem honourable, but comes with a dangerous price.

Through the Storm

Lucy is shocked when she hears her parents speak of separation. Her immediate reaction is: run - as far as possible! Her personal place of well-being is her father's small sailing boat, on which they spent many happy hours together. And now, despite her young age, she is sure that she can master the challenge of the ocean. Lucy's problem is less the impending divorce of her parents than her own helplessness. The roaring sea becomes a metaphor for a struggle she has to face within herself.

My Voice is Here

Everyone of us has a story, a very personal history, a shadow part which hurts when triggered. MY VOICE IS HERE tells the brave encounter of a former victim with her former persecutor. As film makers we remain objective and free from judgement. We let our characters reveal their voices. In an open encounter where both parties meet to heal and grow, there is a space beneath the right and the wrong the human mind creates. In this space true healing can happen when both a willing to meet each other

Peter Tries

“Many little people, in little places, doing little things, can change the world.” Eduardo Galeano PETER TRIES is a 6-part doc series staring former Rugby professional Peter Bracken driving around Ireland in an electric car in an attempt to save the world. We invite business owners, scientists and celebrities to have an open discussion about climate change and the many possibilities which are still left to us.

The House we built

Dorothy becomes homeless after her husband dies. She cannot pay of the mortgage on her house and sets it on fire burning every memory she ever owned. She hides in the city until a stranger opens a door she never dreamt to enter. THE HOUSE WE BUILT is a gripping story about life and what we have to gain when everything around us falls apart. The story is written by Sam Uhlemann

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